Long time, no seen


Sorry for the lack of updates! In The beginning of January we spend some days sailing in Spain, which was nice. After that we have mostly focused on physical training, until Catharina broke her legament playing basket. The injury stopped her from training, and she missed a training camp in Spain. In two weeks we have an important competition and we sencerely hope that she will be able to sail until then! #teamsandman


Garda – we’re coming!

It’s getting colder and colder, but that doesn’t stop us from sailing. We are back in Finland after the KSSS Olympic Regatta in Stockholm. It was a really nice regatta with many good sailors participating. Finishing 2nd feels really nice. After the KSSS regatta we stayed for a week in Motala, Sweden, sailing with some very skilled swedish sailors. Nice people, nice sailing, nice spa!
Thanks to Motala seglargymnasium and all the students there. It was a nice week staying with you!

We feel that our training this year has been very developping thanks to our coaches and fellow sailors. We feel that we have improved a lot since last spring. One month ago we got the bronze medal in the National and in Stockholm we finished 2nd. That is something we are very happy about.For the moment we are preparing for our last competition for this season, the Eurocup in Riva del Garda, Italy, one week from now. See you all there!



Poland and Estonia

Two weeks ago we spent one week in Gdynia, Poland, participating in the Youth Europeans. We had mostly hard wind conditions, with wind up to 34 knots. Our speed wasn’ t that good compared to the heavier guys, and we finished 9th. It was a very nice regatta and good training for us.
This weekend we took part in a Estonian competition i Lohusalu. We won the girl class and finished 4th overall. We are not that happy with the result, because we missed the second place due to hard wind (and Catharina was sick). But this was aswell really good training with some really good sailors!
Now we are back home, Catharina lying in the bed, and Cecilia reading for her tests.
Next up is Finnish Nationals!


Kieler Woche 2014

We have spent the last week in Kiel, sailing the 29er Europeans. 185 29ers participated and we ended up 73rd overall, 13th girl -crew. We sailed mostly in light wind conditions, where the starts were really important. Since we haven’t sailed in really big fleets with the 29er it was difficult in the beginning, but we managed to climb in the results, made it to the silver fleet and finished 73rd. 

We enjoyed the regatta, but it would have been nice with some more starts and a little bit more wind. There was a lot of waiting, because sometimes the wind just didn’t want to pick up. During that time we had fun with our friends and met a lot of interesting persons. Unfortunately we had no time to visit the city, due to our early mornings and late evenings. 

Our Swedish friends won the Championship! Congratulations to them!

Results here


The first competition in Finland for this year is over and we finished 5th. The first day was various, with wind from 0 – 10 knots and oscillating shifts. We did well and managed to stay focused despite tricky conditions. In the end of the day we were third. Sunday was not that tricky for our brains but for our muscles. The wind was up to 25 knots so we really had to work a lot in the boat. The more experienced guys were better in hard wind, but we clearly showed everybody that they can count on us!

” If you train hard you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat”


The first race was sailed in nice wind, but the second was recalled due to no wind. At that time we were second…






Haha, Cat almost fell off the boat, but ended up behind me instead of in the water…

Eat, sleep, sail…

This weekend we have been sailing with 29ers from different clubs. It was nice to see so many boats on the water and it feels like we improved a lot. We could also see at which level we are, compared to the guys who have already sailed the 29er for some years. And… we are happy to say that it seems like we are almost at the same level. Of course they are a little bit better in hard wind, but in wind up to 15 knots we are as good as they are!! 🙂